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As someone completely unfamiliar with Raclette, I had no idea what to expect going in — however, I was incredibly impressed with the entire experience provided by Rocky Mountain Raclette. From the second she arrived, Kathryn provided an entertaining and educational evening. The food — which included elk, lobster, shrimp, buffalo sausage and more — was amazing, and the experience was so fun. In addition, all setup, service and clean up was done by Kathryn, which allowed guests and hosts alike to enjoy the evening without worrying about typical dinner party duties. Next time I’m in the area, I’m definitely adding Rocky Mountain Raclette to my to-do list and I highly recommend Kathryn and her team to anyone interested in a unique (and delicious!) dining experience. – Sarah G, TripAdvisor

Such a fun dinner hosted at our home by Rocky Mountain Raclette! Kathryn and her associate Megan were so friendly, knowledgable, and wonderful. This was our first time doing Raclette, and we all absolutely loved it. We normally eat out at various Vail restaurants, but Raclette was such a more interesting and unique experience — we will definitely be doing it again! The food was delicious and high quality, and Kathryn couldn’t have been more helpful in walking us through the process. I would definitely recommend this to anyone in Vail! –Whitney F, Yelp

Kathryn and Megan brought an amazing spread to the Timbers were our families spent Christmas week. They decorated the table beautifully, and brought everything with them from buffalo sausage appetizers, veggies, lobster, shrimp, elk, and filet. Dinner was awesome! Highly recommend this experience for small or large groups. After dinner we enjoyed making our own s’mores! We highly recommend using Rocky Mountain Raclette!!! –David A, TripAdvisor

I couldn’t say enough good things about Rocky Mountain Raclette. You will not be disappointed.  The food was amazing, and something everyone liked. It was a great way to pass time with family, friends or even business colleagues. It was interactive and fun! I’d also recommend it for small parties or couples, it would be a great quiet, intimate evening.  We used this dinner for a small (35 person) wedding and it was perfect, everyone interacted, had fun, ate great food and it was an experience everyone is still talking about. Oh, and they are all looking for Raclette grills on Amazon for Christmas!  Kathryn and her team were amazing. They really went above and beyond. They did much more than serve food, they explained the evening, and coordinated movement. She brought extras that made it such a nice evening, like music. They moved tables, cut and served cake, and really coordinated any detail we might have needed. I’d recommend her team for just about anything – they are “can do” people!  Great food, great entertainment, great people!!! It made our wedding even more memorable. It will be a meal you always remember. –Katie B, Yelp

We had an amazing custom Raclette dinner by a wonderful Raclette chef! The caterer brought an amazing spread to are home and decorated the table beautifully, which created a fun ambiance for the evening! From the buffalo sausage appetizers to delicious salad, to wonderful veggies blended with filet and shrimp we had a delightful evening topped off with s’mores! We highly recommend using Rocky Mountain Raclette!!! –Frank F, TripAdvisor

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience in the area, definitely check this out! Bar none, one of the best dining experiences I’ve had when visiting Vail. We utilized this service for a small dinner party with 6 of us. Kathryn (the owner) came to our house over prepared with a variety of delicious meats, cheese, veggies and vino. The entire experienced lasted several hours and everyone was full and satisfied by the end. Unlike other catering services, Kathryn was able to get rare meats so that night we dined on elk and buffalo, which was a fun experience. While we were dining, she also prepared a homemade berry dessert which was amazing. I am hosting a bachelorette party in the coming weeks in Beaver Creek and we already have her booked to cater for 25 people. I prefer this service to restaurant dining. It is way more intimate and also entertaining to eat at your own pace and use the raclette grills.Whether your group is large or small, Rocky Mountain Raclette is a must-do when vacationing in the mountains! – Casey I, Yelp

Highly, highly recommend Rocky Mountain Raclette. Kathryn made our night so much fun and a night we will always remember. The food was amazing and such high quality. If you are looking for a fun, unique, and memorable dining experience then Rocky Mountain Raclette is perfect. – Ashley W, TripAdvisor

I highly recommend Kathryn and her team from Rocky Mountain Raclette. Its a truly special night where Swiss Raclette meats Rocky Mountain cuisine and creates a really fun, in home, conversational dinner with excellent food. If you are going to the Beaver Creek/Vail area with a group – try this. Its a special night! – David S, Yelp

We just had an excellent dining experience with Kathryn! All of the food was excellent and both Kathryn and Sabrina were very attentive and friendly. The whole process of Raclette was patiently explained to us. This was such a lovely dinner! I would definitely recommend this unique and excellent experience. – Alex F, Yelp

Our family LOVES raclette. We’ve eaten it in Vail before, as well as Megeve and Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland. And we make it at home. But this was the bomb. Chef Kathryn arrived with a selection of proteins, from elk and beef tenderloin, to lobster and shrimp. The veggies were fresh and cut to cook quickly on the hot stone. And the fingerling potatoes were cooked to perfection, just awaiting grilled onion and a shimmer of cheese. Kathryn’s sauces were superb, and her chimichurri could be bottled and sold.  It was a leisurely, interactive dinner. Our gluten free guests had no problem with the menu, and our lactose intolerant friend just skipped the cheese. There was still plenty to eat. Dessert? Kathryn made to order an apple streudel whose aroma filled the condo. Delicious and served with cinnamon ice cream. Kathryn brought the vino, set the table, made dessert while we ate dinner, and cleaned up as we watched a movie. A perfect evening. We may book her every night of our trip next year. No kidding. This would be a great evening for a family with kids, for a night with new friends and old, or even a romantic dinner. Kathryn, please keep doing this. You are great at it. And its a great concept. – Debbie S, Yelp

This was an awesome experience for our entire family! First, the service is prompt and outstanding. Kathryn really understands how to provide great service. The process of Raceltte is so fun and engaging. Everyone in our family party of seven loved the food and the unique dinner It was delicious! I would recommend it to a couples or family group. Kathryn even brought music and table topic discussion questions. She was the consummate chef, entertainer and coordinator. – Thomas W, Yelp

GREAT dinner idea for us in the Rockies. The food was wonderful and the process was even better. A lot of colorful conversations around the dinner table. I highly recommend making a reservation for a raclette dinner. – Jim R Just had a fabulous Rocky Mountain Raclette dinner last week with Kathryn.  She is amazing and the food was divine.  If you are planning on being in the Vail/Beaver Creek area any time soon, book now for your in-home raclette dinner.  You will NOT be disappointed!  Kathryn teaches about the raclette culture, while serving up a delicious meal.  It is so fun to cook at the table – like fondue but way better!  Her sauces and combinations of proteins and veggies are amazing.  Not to mention her dynamite peach open faced pie!  And that raclette cheeses…Umm umm good! – Linda G, Yelp