Q: What is the Rocky Mountain Raclette Grill dinner?
A: Rocky Mountain Raclette is a fully catered dinner party on your own dining table, where diners grill their gourmet meats and vegetables on a tabletop Raclette grill.  Raclette cheese is melted in paddles, then scraped over fingerling potatoes and artisan bread for a delicious and interactive meal. Gourmet proteins of your choice may be added to grill, and artisan dipping sauces are provided to create a unique and creative dining experience.

Q: Do you provide wine or other alcohol for the Raclette dinner?
A: With advanced notice, Rocky Mountain Raclette will pick up wine from a local liquor store, and bring to your residence for your Raclette dinner. Your credit card will be charged directly by the liquor store for this purchase. Wine pairing suggestions are provided by Rocky Mountain Raclette to pair with your meal.

Q: Can you cater to dietary restrictions/vegetarians?
A: Yes. Your Raclette dinner is naturally gluten free (besides the bread and dessert which may be substituted). One grill may be used for vegetarian foods only as well, while the other may be used to cook proteins. We will add a black bean patty instead of meats and seafood for vegetarians. With advanced notice, any diet restrictions can be accommodated.

Q: Can you cater to special occasions or events?
A: Absolutely! Rocky Mountain Raclette can do theme parties for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers, etc. We love hosting special events and want to make your dinner as special as possible. For large groups, the Raclette grills can be set up in stations instead of a sit-down dinner.  We can also scrape cheese off the wheel!

Q: Is the Raclette dinner child friendly?
A: Yes! This interactive meal is very fun for children to be a part of. We love helping the children grill, but it is strongly advised that a supervising adult is present depending on the age of your child. One must always use caution when operating the Raclette grills, and all children under 12 are required to use small oven mitts provided as a safety precaution. Rocky Mountain Raclette is not responsible for any accidents, and diners must always grill at their own risk.

Q: Do I need to provide anything for the grill dinner experience?
A: We provide all equipment, linens, serving platters, and chargers. We will set the table using your own plates, silverware, and glassware. These items are washed at the end of service as it is a fully catered dinner party.