Signature Grill Dinner

Our signature grill dinner is everything you can imagine in a gourmet Raclette dinner. This fully catered dinner party utilizes the Raclette grills at the table with Raclette cheese, potatoes, charcuterie board, beef, elk, shrimp, lobster tail, buffalo sausage, trio of dipping sauces, grilled veggies, signature salad, bread, and a homemade dessert.  A unique Rocky Mountain experience! The signature dinner can also accommodate large groups with grill stations for a fun, interactive grill party.

$120 per adult, $45 per child 10 and under. (6 adult minimum)


Traditional Raclette

Our traditional Raclette dinner includes Swiss Raclette Cheese, potatoes, prosciutto, ciabatta bread, signature salad, cornichons, pickled pearl onions, and our homemade fruit sorbet for dessert. Keep it simple like the Swiss do, and focus on the star of the show…the Raclette cheese! We set up your Raclette dinner, and let you enjoy the night!

$75 per adult, $35 per child 10 and under. (4 adult minimum)


Date Night

Our romantic surf and turf Raclette date night is the perfect dinner to share with someone special! This dinner utilizes a hot stone for grilling beef tenderloin and lobster tail with dipping sauces, while candlelit Raclette cheese is melted and scraped onto potatoes. This meal also includes Italian prosciutto, our signature salad, and our homemade sorbet for dessert. We set up your romantic Raclette dinner, and let you enjoy your date night!

$250 per couple


Cocktail Party

It’s party time! Our catered Raclette party utilizes our special Raclette melter to scrape unlimited cheese directly off the wheel onto potatoes and bread with prosciutto and cornichons. This option is designed for a cocktail style party, not a sit-down dinner. Perfect for après ski or a fun event!

$35 per person (10 person minimum)