In summer and fall, we offer two types of fully loaded picnic backpacks to-go, and also a full service picnic experience. Perfect for a day at the park, hiking, horseback ride, fishing, or any other fun outdoor activity!  If you don’t want to carry the backpack and set up the picnic yourself, check out our gourmet Signature Picnic Experience!

Swiss Raclette Picnic

The Swiss Raclette picnic utilizes portable sterno Raclette equipment to melt the cheese anywhere you choose to picnic!  The melted Raclette cheese is traditionally scraped onto potatoes and bread.

Menu: Swiss Raclette Cheese, Baby Potatoes, Ciabatta, Prosciutto Italiano, Arugula Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette, Cornichons, Pickled Pearl Onions, Local Jam and Mustard, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Local Colorado Picnic

This traditional style picnic showcases everything local to beautiful Colorado!

Menu: Homemade Pimento cheese with hatch green chiles, Two local cheeses, Artisanal small batch salami, Colorado venison summer sausage, Pickled local market vegetables, Fresh seasonal fruit, Crackers, Palisade jam, Colorado honey, Candied nuts, Homemade chocolate chip cookies

How does it work and what is included in the backpack(s)?

Backpack(s) are loaded with catered food, water, plates, cutlery, wine glasses, napkins, picnic blanket, picnic tray, and Raclette equipment (for picnic #1).  We drop off the fully loaded picnic backpack(s) to your location.   Once finished, you pack the dirty dishes and equipment back into the backpack for us to pick up the next day.

Cost : $250 (feeds up to 4 people) + $55/ extra person 


Signature Rocky Mountain Raclette Picnic Experience 

Our full service picnic experience is for those who want to arrive to something truly special!  When you arrive at your picnic spot, we will have everything set up, ready and waiting for you. When you are done, go on about your day and we will clean everything up!  This gourmet Raclette picnic includes beautiful picnic decor, fresh flowers, plush blanket, equipment set up, and the Raclette picnic or local Colorado menu with extra special touches for an outstanding private experience.

$375 (feeds 2 people) + $65 per additional person

Includes 2 hour picnic for 2 with set up and clean up.    $50 dollars per hour for additional time.

Recommended picnic locations are provided.  Picnic locations vary, and can be customized to your needs.